Answer to prayer: Generator

Thanks to the Lord providing through the generosity of a handful of you who read this blog, the church and school Hope in Haiti sponsors in Nan wo, Haiti now has a quality, diesel-powered  working generator! On our recent January trip to Haiti, we were able to pick one up in country and surprise some […]

Generator update: God’s provision

Thanks to the amazing generosity of some friends of Hope in Haiti, we are now able to purchase a generator to provide the electricity needed for our new well pump and the day-to-day needs of the church and school in Nan wo. Praise God for His provision! I talked with Dixie this morning and she […]

New well provides the gift of water

Every day in Nan wo, dozens of men, women, and children make the trip, walking to the well to get water they need for drinking, cooking, washing, and keeping their animals alive. Although some people have resorted to drinking from the water in the creek or the ditch, this has proven to be a grave […]

Safe arrival home while storms pound Haiti

Our Hope in Haiti team arrived home late Friday night, weary travelers but thankful to have made it home and to see loved ones. Pastor Mike wrote up an excellent quick recap of the trip that I definitely encourage you to read. There is also a link to a bunch of great photos. Check out […]

A Sunday in Nan wo: Who is that behind the pulpit?

Dixie (my mom) actually CALLED me today from Pastor Louinet’s phone! It was great to hear her voice (though muffled and sounding very distant) and to hear that all is going well. It has been a pretty laid back day for the team and something of a day of rest and time to relax before […]

Bricks, Mortar, and Smiles All Around

Eske ou te wè l’? Eske ou te tande?  “Have you seen it? Have you heard?” All along the dusty road that snakes through the lush green farm land of the little hamlet of Nan Wo, Haiti, people are talking about it. It’s the biggest thing that’s happened in this valley for many months, and […]

Visiting friends with machetes

Saturday… a day to buy machetes With VBS having come to its end, Dixie and the team made the most of their Saturday. Having a bit more painting to do, the teammates grabbed their brushes and rollers and completed the work on “The Upper Room” of the church building, and then laced up their walking […]

100+ Haitians learn to make beads

In July and August, Hope in Haiti sent 16 team members to assist with two youth summer camps–one in Nan Wo, and one in Port au Prince. As part of the Nan Wo camp, our team taught various job and life skills. Here’s another peek at what we were teaching: If you walked into Pastor […]

Guest blog: Aaron on the worshipful, needy Haitians

After spending two weeks serving and living in Haiti, one team member, Aaron from Wisconsin, decided to share about the worshipful yet needy people of this country:   “Haiti is an amazing place.  The people are great and the landscape is beautiful. At the school in Dessalines, I was blown away by the passion behind […]