Prayer requests: Pastor sick and fever spreading

We received word today that some of our dear friends in Haiti are suffering from illness. Pastor Louinet, who works relentlessly for our schools and local churches in Haiti, has come down with an unknown ailment that keeps him in constant stomach pain. Unable to eat and experiencing a strange rash on his face, Pastor […]

Chikungunya fever

We have received word from our friends in Haiti that Chikungunya fever is sweeping across the country and is now affecting children in our schools. Chikungunya fever is a mosquito-borne virus that is mostly spread in densely populated areas where mosquitoes will bite more than one person. Unfortunately, Haiti’s population is very dense–about twice the […]

Trips departing soon

People have been asking, “What trips are coming up for Hope in Haiti teams, and are there any spots available?” So here’s the scoop on what’s coming up next for HIH mission teams: In middle February, we have a team of 8 people flying out for a regularly-scheduled student profile update project in the mountains […]

Answer to prayer: Generator

Thanks to the Lord providing through the generosity of a handful of you who read this blog, the church and school Hope in Haiti sponsors in Nan wo, Haiti now has a quality, diesel-powered  working generator! On our recent January trip to Haiti, we were able to pick one up in country and surprise some […]

Generator update: God’s provision

Thanks to the amazing generosity of some friends of Hope in Haiti, we are now able to purchase a generator to provide the electricity needed for our new well pump and the day-to-day needs of the church and school in Nan wo. Praise God for His provision! I talked with Dixie this morning and she […]

A weekend of firsts

This weekend saw several firsts for the ministry of Hope in Haiti. First-time HIH teammates Wilf and Arlene Meeds and Francy Ogle joined veterans Joel Madson, Isaac Howard, and Dixie Montgomery for a trip this month to put on several conferences for Haitians of the Artibonite valley and nearby mountains. On Saturday, Joel and Isaac […]

Safe arrival home while storms pound Haiti

Our Hope in Haiti team arrived home late Friday night, weary travelers but thankful to have made it home and to see loved ones. Pastor Mike wrote up an excellent quick recap of the trip that I definitely encourage you to read. There is also a link to a bunch of great photos. Check out […]

Resting before the storm

08/23/12 I got one final phone call from Haiti this evening. Dixie called from Port au Prince where they had just arrived after a wonderful, relaxing, beautiful day on the beach. Tonight the group will rest up in the comfort of Byron and Shelley’s home. They are excited to head home tomorrow! Continue to pray […]

Camp ends and a storm brews

Dixie called late this afternoon to fill us all in on the latest! The team stuck it out and saw camp through to a successful completion today! I wasn’t exact on the numbers… she said about 160 to 180 kids were showing up each day. But when you consider the language and culture barriers, the […]