Serve and Build: Electrical Work

Dates: To Be Determined People needed: 4-6 men and women. Family members welcome Job summary: Our classrooms are soon to be completed, but they are still in the dark! We want to make sure that our new school building is safely and thoroughly wired for all its lighting and power needs. We need a team […]

Serve and Build: Paint team

Dates: August 10-19, 2015. People needed: 5-10 men and women. Family members welcome Job summary: New construction ongoing at our Nan wo school campus is yielding thousands of square feet of classroom space, praise God! But the work needs to be sealed up and finished with a good coat of paint over all of the […]

Serve and Build: Nan wo classrooms

Dates: July 6-17th People needed: 5-10 men and women. Family members welcome Job summary: Our school building in Nan wo is not finished, and the school year is coming up! We feel very strongly that we should get the building ready to house all of our students THIS year, and not wait another year while […]

Paige’s Story: “I felt called to do something for the kids in Haiti”

How many times have you seen a devastating need and thought “Wow, I wish I could do something,” but then walked away taking no action? It’s easy to give ourselves a pass when we don’t have money or special skills that may be needed. But if God gave you the passion, would you respond anyway? […]

Bricks for Christmas

This Christmas as you look over your gift list, would you consider buying bricks for your loved ones?  No, we’re not suggesting you wrap up a stack of wall material and drop it at the foot of your tree. We’re talking about the gift of school building construction for children in Haiti. As the fiery […]

Student Spotlight: RoseMicaelle

In the heat of the afternoon, when all the other children have grown tired of jump roping and gone home to their houses around the valley of Nan wo, ten year old RoseMicaelle Joachin looks around at the empty school building and the passing motorbikes bustling down the dust village road and sighs. She doesn’t […]

Student Spotlight: Nerla

There are literally hundreds of students attending school at the Hope in Haiti schools who have no sponsors. This is the story of one. If you walk onto the grounds of the elementary school Hope in Haiti works with in Nan wo, Haiti, you might see a shy face peek around the corner of the […]