The good word

The team is assembling, and the time has come. Tuesday morning, teachers and leaders from across the United States are joining Hope in Haiti for a week of training, encouragement, and outreach in Dessalines, Haiti. This team from California, Washington, and Pennsylvania will meet up in Miami on January 8th and fly together into Haiti […]

Full, thankful hearts, because of you.

It must seem like a silly holiday to people outside the United States… people rushing to stores and buying, preparing, and serving huge amounts of food, then going out early the next morning to eagerly buy more and more things. And we call it Thanksgiving. Perhaps from an outsider’s perspective, we don’t properly know the […]

Trip Log: Sleepless travel and an empty school

Wednesday 10/31 6:45 AM The team arrived safely in Miami. We had a long painful night trying to catch some sleep while flying economy on the red-eye and then briefly camping in a cold, hard airport terminal. But, after a much-needed Starbucks, we’re ready to board our plane to Port au Prince. Please be in […]