At long last! Pastor Louinet is coming to visit!

Better (5 months) late than never! Pastor L and his wife are coming to America! Dear Friends, As promised back in the summer, Pastor Louinet Gilles and his wife are coming to visit with YOU this holiday season. Please join us Saturday December 31 in Sultan WA for a special time of fellowship and encouragement. They desire […]

To Pass the Test

The battle of fear and hope. Dear Friends, Bombs explode on the television screen. Frightened refugees searching for shelter. Hushed talks about the possibilities of nuclear conflict. The dark clouds of fear again roll in. And not just in eastern Europe. In light of the war in Ukraine and Russia, Haiti has understandably taken a back seat […]

Steep Hills, Strong Coffee, and Resiliant Hope

This is the beginning of a new year and a new hope for all of us. This week a conference began for several hundred people in Nan wo. Men and women attending the
conference make their way by foot along the steep mountain trails. When they reach the valley they climb into open trucks with standing room only and continue on until they reach our church/school in Nan wo outside of Dessalines, Haiti.

Something to be thankful for

With grateful hearts, we at HOPE in Haiti are reflecting on the faithful generosity and service our many teachers, administrators, translators, volunteers, and financial partners like you have shown this year, and so many years leading up until now. We are SO THANKFUL! Without you, our ministry would not be making the impact that it […]