A refuge in times of trouble

Storms, gangs, and motorcycle 
Dear Friends,

“Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Ps 46:10

Doing ministry in hostile territory

The work continues in Haiti despite the ongoing gang issues affecting almost all areas of life. The danger continues to escalate and more ground has been lost to the dark sides Reports have stated that 80% of Port au Prince is now controlled by gangs. These gangs or bandit yo control everything and everyone. Kidnappings are on the rise and control of the main highway is taking place farther north on the small island. When Pastor Louinet travels on his moto (motorcycle) to Gonaives to get supplies for the school he now has to check to see if the gangs are patrolling the main highway going north and south. Riding a moto to Gonaives usually takes about 45 minutes, but recently Pastor Louinet takes his moto up over the mountains, through Saint Michel, and around to reach Gonaives, making it a three hour trip one way. I have been to Saint Michel by moto and it is a grueling trip over rocky roads, through many unpredictable streams, and miles of dust.This is all to avoid as many gang members as possible. Please join us in praying for protection from these enemies.
Psalm 59:1-4

Time to rebuild.

In July our little school of Savanne Brûle which is very rural and nestled next to the the mountains was hit by heavy rain and winds and much damage was done. We have sent money to help the people buy supplies and rebuild what they can. We had hopes that they could have this finished by the time school began on September 11th, but many of the supplies coming from another area called Ti Riviere, were stopped by gangs and have been held. I’m told that the gangs will release them this week. Please pray with us that everything will arrive in Savanne Brûle safely and construction can begin.

School did begin in Nan wo this week, although school materials still haven’t arrived. They will be there soon, but children ar ealready filling the classrooms and teachers are preparing their lessons. Pray that the Lord will put a hedge around our schools and children can continue to grow and learn. God has been good to our friends in Haiti and the work in these schools continues on. I sincerely thank Pastor Louinet for his quiet strength and strong faith in leading his people and showing them the faithfulness of God. This past July he put on a camp at the school/church for all the young people complete with Bible classes and sessions on family and health. He held a conference for his 14 churches and they came together in Nan wo for a week of worship and teaching….kind of a giant family  camp!I think back on the building of the school and church and never dreamed it would be in constant continual use. This is all because of you, your donations and prayers. Your generosity moves my heart. We, who sit in our comfortable houses, can do something far far away to touch others, to make life just a little bit better for them and show the love of Jesus.
We need each other.

“The Lord Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.” Ps 46:11

In gratitude,
-Dixie and the team

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