Faithful under fire: The unquenchable hope

Christmas built on the Rock
Why our friends in Haiti stay faithful even as violence escalates.
December 5, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas from Hope in Haiti.

This morning I read a well-written article from BBC on Haiti.  It stated that the gangs continue in their efforts to overtake Haiti.  There is little the police can do in response. At least 60% of the capital city of Port au Prince and its surroundings have been taken over by gangs according to human rights groups.  The peak time for kidnappings are between 6 am to 9am and again in the afternoon/evening commute home. Many stay at their place of work due to the danger in traveling to and from home.  Few go out after dark. The main highway is unsafe for travel. Men are beaten and burned and women are raped in front of their families.

And yet in the midst of all this chaos Pastor Louinet continues educating children in the rural areas of Haiti.  Schools didn’t open until the first week in November this year due to the unrest.  I am so impressed with Louinet’s commitment not only to his own family but to his schools and his people.  Last night at about 10 PM three men came to him and asked him for money.  He told them that he didn’t have any money and they left. He believes that God will protect him and his family and he continues to serve in these very difficult and dangerous times.

NEWS: We are bringing Louinet and his wife here to the PNW for a week of rest to show him that we still support him not only financially but also with our love and prayers. Although airline prices are very high, we believe this would be something that would bless him and his wife. Please feel free to touch base with me and come and visit him and his wife to show your support.

As you spend time with family and friends, remember our friends in Haiti also.  Thank you for your continued support for the children in our schools. You are more than amazing!!!

“You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.  Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord, is the Rock eternal.” Isaiah 26:3

-Dixie and team

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