At long last! Pastor Louinet is coming to visit!

Better (5 months) late than never!
Pastor L and his wife are coming to America!
Dear Friends,

As promised back in the summer, Pastor Louinet Gilles and his wife are coming to visit with YOU this holiday season. Please join us Saturday December 31 in Sultan WA for a special time of fellowship and encouragement. They desire to meet with friends and supporters of the work Hope in Haiti is doing and we want to show our love and support for this faithful man and his wife.  We want to give them a time of rest away from the problems of Haiti for one week. I hope that you can make time to drop by for a visit with Louinet and his wife. There will be no real agenda other than showering them with love, snacking, and fellowship. The event will be “open house” style as folks drop in for as long as they wish.

When: Saturday December 31 from 11am -3 pm
What to bring: Something yummy to share with others – finger foodish –  and lots of encouragment
We hope to see you. If you can’t make it on this day but still wish to connect with Louinet, please call me 425.773.1460 and hopefully we can arrange something.
Hope to see you soon!
Dixie & Harley
Culture / Language corner:
  • Pastor Louinet commonly goes by “Pastor” rather than his first name alone, but if you are trying to figure out how to pronounce it, it’s “loo-EH-ney”
  • Pastor’s wife goes by her title, Madame Pastor.
  • Pastor and his wife speak Haitian Creole and Pastor has learned some English as well. If you’d like to impress with some Creole of your own, you can get started here.

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