Serve and Build: Nan wo classrooms

Dates: July 6-17thSchool foundation
People needed: 5-10 men and women. Family members welcome
Job summary: Our school building in Nan wo is not finished, and the school year is coming up! We feel very strongly that we should get the building ready to house all of our students THIS year, and not wait another year while some grades have to meet in ramshackle tin shelters. We need a team to:

  1. Complete floating of three existing unfinished classrooms.
  2. Complete roof system over four partially constructed classrooms.
  3. Float out above four partially constructed classrooms. english2
  4. Build and install steel exterior doors & partition door for new classrooms.     
  5. Construct block wall along North & East sides of newly constructed school.

Tools needed: To find out what tools you can bring and / or donate for this work, write, or see the general Tool List.
Trip costs (including airfare and in-country costs): approximately $1400 per person
Money needed to be raised: $41,250

That is the need. If this trip sounds like a good fit for you, by all means, let us know! The departure date is coming up quickly and we want to make sure you are booked with us! I

f you cannot go but this is a need you feel called to help meet, you can also give toward the material costs. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Either way, Contact us by email at



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