Serve and Build: Paint team

Dates: August 10-19, 2015. People needed: 5-10 men and women. Family members welcome Job summary: New construction ongoing at our Nan wo school campus is yielding thousands of square feet of classroom space, praise God! But the work needs to be sealed up and finished with a good coat of paint over all of the […]

Serve and Build: Nan wo classrooms

Dates: July 6-17th People needed: 5-10 men and women. Family members welcome Job summary: Our school building in Nan wo is not finished, and the school year is coming up! We feel very strongly that we should get the building ready to house all of our students THIS year, and not wait another year while […]

Answer to prayer: Generator

Thanks to the Lord providing through the generosity of a handful of you who read this blog, the church and school Hope in Haiti sponsors in Nan wo, Haiti now has a quality, diesel-powered  working generator! On our recent January trip to Haiti, we were able to pick one up in country and surprise some […]

Generator update: God’s provision

Thanks to the amazing generosity of some friends of Hope in Haiti, we are now able to purchase a generator to provide the electricity needed for our new well pump and the day-to-day needs of the church and school in Nan wo. Praise God for His provision! I talked with Dixie this morning and she […]

It’s quiet in the valley… too quiet!

Every Sunday morning as dresses are laid out and shoes are shined in preparation for church, a hum echoes through the valley of Nan wo. At Eglise Evangelique Bethel de Haut Marchand (Bethel Evangelical Church – Upper Marchand), they have no electricty from the city, so they must run a generator to be able to […]

Laying a good foundation: the Nan wo school

Over the summer, local contractor “Boss” Francine and his men have been sweating out long days and laboring hard beside the empty lot where the old ecole mixte school of Nan wo used to stand. They have moved large amounts of dirt by hand to level the ground, poured footers and erected rebar supports for […]

New well provides the gift of water

Every day in Nan wo, dozens of men, women, and children make the trip, walking to the well to get water they need for drinking, cooking, washing, and keeping their animals alive. Although some people have resorted to drinking from the water in the creek or the ditch, this has proven to be a grave […]

How to help a child in school this year

What would you think if you showed up for the first day of school and the teacher told you that you’d have to memorize everything on the chalkboard because there are having to do without pencils and paper? This year we have a great need for more school supplies for our Nan wo and Kawo […]