New well provides the gift of water

Every day in Nan wo, dozens of men, women, and children make the trip, walking to the well to get water they need for drinking, cooking, washing, and keeping their animals alive. Although some people have resorted to drinking from the water in the creek or the ditch, this has proven to be a grave mistake for many who consumed runoff from organic waste that makes humans very sick. This is why having a local well to drink from has become a life-or-death issue.

Old well
Before the new well, this shallow one at the church was the only option for water

This summer, thanks to a visit from some friends with Healing Hands International, Nan Wo residents now have a brand new well serving them safe, clean, fresh water. Their team found a good location and dug a 60 foot deep well that can pump out 35 gallons per minute! People from all over the area are thrilled with this blessing! On top of that, HHI dug the church’s existing well deep enough to draw safe water (it was only a shallow well before), and have closed it off in preparation for the new electric pump that will allow the church and new school facility to have running water for its restrooms. Praise God for His gift of water in Nan wo!


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