Prayer requests: Pastor sick and fever spreading

We received word today that some of our dear friends in Haiti are suffering from illness. Pastor Louinet, who works relentlessly for our schools and local churches in Haiti, has come down with an unknown ailment that keeps him in constant stomach pain. Unable to eat and experiencing a strange rash on his face, Pastor […]

Hope in Haiti superstar: Ty

What can you do for the children of Haiti? So often it’s hard for for us as North Americans, so far from the poverty of other countries, to feel useful in the fight to make an impact for the hurting world beyond our borders. We have obligations, expenses, and personal limitations holding us back. But […]

New well provides the gift of water

Every day in Nan wo, dozens of men, women, and children make the trip, walking to the well to get water they need for drinking, cooking, washing, and keeping their animals alive. Although some people have resorted to drinking from the water in the creek or the ditch, this has proven to be a grave […]

Into Another World!

Cholera bacteria In July and August, Hope in Haiti sent 16 team members to assist with two youth summer camps–one in Nan Wo, and one in Port au Prince. As part of the Nan Wo camp, our team taught various job and life skills. Here’s another peek at what we were teaching: Nearly 6,000 people […]

Guest Blog: Kristi on Haiti’s Health Needs

Guest blog post: In July and August, Hope in Haiti sent a team of 16 people to Nan Wo and Port au Prince to work with youth camps. In reflection, team member Kristi from Washington wrote concerning the need for disease prevention and education: “Visiting a third world country with what I know about epidemiology […]