Prayer requests: Pastor sick and fever spreading

img 333We received word today that some of our dear friends in Haiti are suffering from illness.

Pastor Louinet, who works relentlessly for our schools and local churches in Haiti, has come down with an unknown ailment that keeps him in constant stomach pain. Unable to eat and experiencing a strange rash on his face, Pastor went to a doctor who was unable to stop the pain. Today, his wife reports the facial swelling has gone down but the stomach problems continue. He will go to a nearby city to have his stomach scoped on Wednesday. The initial assessment is that this is not Chikungunya fever.

However, other dear ones are not escaping Chikungunya. Pastor Louinet’s son Jefte seems to have contracted it, as well as many neighbors and school children across the valley. Locally known as “Choukoun fever,” it spreads by mosquito bites and subjects its hosts to days of difficult aches, fever, and nausea, as well as a rash.

Dixie’s recently “adopted” girl with cerebral palsy, Loujina, has also been infected with the fast-spreading fever.

Will you join us in praying for healing for Pastor Louinet and the many Haitians suffering with this epidemic? We in the USA can’t understand the gravity of being sick in Haiti, where almost anything can be lethal. We need to bathe our brothers and sisters in prayer and trust them to the Great Healer.

Thank you


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