A gift of wheels

What would you do if you lived in abject poverty and also had a young child with cerebral palsy? Last week in Haiti, we were blessed to be part of God’s provision for a young family in Nan wo. This is the story:

Lourdjina (looJEEnah) was born outside Dessalines, Haiti around the time of the horrific earthquake that rocked the capital city of Port au Prince. She is the only child of young couple who live about a mile past the church and school that Hope in Haiti sponsor. Outwardly she looks like a healthy child, but Lourdjina was born with an abnormal condition that keeps her from being able to control her body movement as well as most people. Although she may or may not grow up to be as intelligent as any other person, Lourdjina will never be able to physically function without the help of others. Cerebral palsy is found all over the world, with an average of 2 out of every 1000 live births [source]. With the daunting prospects of caring for her, Lourdjina’s parents could easily give up hope for a bright future for their family. At one point, her father even tried to get Dixie to take her home for adoption! (Try to understand… culturally this is an acceptable way of bettering their child’s life). Economic conditions are not improving, and they have no way of affording special equipment for their handicapped daughter.

But thanks to a gift from Byron and Shelly at Maranatha Children’s Ministries , we were able to bring a stroller to this family—a stroller specifically for young handicapped children who cannot walk. Praise God for His limitless provision! This stroller will allow Lourdjina to see the world beyond her home in the country. Now she can go virtually anywhere her parents go, but without having to be carried.

We are so happy to have even this minor role in bettering the life of this beautiful little girl. We pray that she grows up to have a powerful testimony for Christ.


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