Little blessings, big needs, and a new routine

Friday night 3 year old Makendy spent the night here with us, along with Lourdjina.  He’s spends a lot of time at Marla’s house and is missing her. He told me he likes to speak English better than Creole.  He loved his french toast this morning and then was willing to go down to the […]

Prayer requests: Pastor sick and fever spreading

We received word today that some of our dear friends in Haiti are suffering from illness. Pastor Louinet, who works relentlessly for our schools and local churches in Haiti, has come down with an unknown ailment that keeps him in constant stomach pain. Unable to eat and experiencing a strange rash on his face, Pastor […]


I think I sort of just adopted another little girl.  It wasn’t really on purpose and I didn’t realize exactly what I was doing until I reflected on it later.  What have I done? I’ve known Loujina for two years.  We met one day when I was walking down the dusty country road outside of […]