I think I sort of just adopted another little girl.  It wasn’t really on purpose and I didn’t realize exactly what I was doing until I reflected on it later.  What have I done? I’ve known Loujina for two years.  We met one day when I was walking down the dusty country road outside of […]

Coming up next: camping, fluoride treatments and birth kits!

Preparing to travel again… I leave again with another team February 20th. This time we will be climbing into the mountains of the Kawo area to update pictures and information for 400 children.  The trail is hot, difficult, and exhausting, usually taking us about 6-7 hours to reach the school.  Then bone tired, we pitch […]

Birth Kits for pregnant woman in Haiti!

Birth Kits for pregnant woman in Haiti! – 60% of people living in Haiti don’t have access to basic healthcare services – 80% of births happen at home and 1/2 of these are without assistance – 54 of every 1000 babies will die at birth – 300 of every 100,000 mothers will die in childbirth HOW CAN YOU HELP? Buy a birth kit for just […]