Little blessings, big needs, and a new routine

Friday night 3 year old Makendy spent the night here with us, along with Lourdjina.  He’s spends a lot of time at Marla’s house and is missing her. He told me he likes to speak English better than Creole.  He loved his french toast this morning and then was willing to go down to the baby dorm with the other kids.  I bet he’s back tonight.

We are constantly asked to hand out keys to various places.  Then there are scraped knees, kids that need medications each day, money to hand out to workers for market and other things, receipts to be written, a goat to be buried, checking up on kid’s chores, such as milking/feeding a cow, feeding and gathering eggs from lots of chickens, and on and on.  Harley continues to fix all the little things that make life a little more comfortable here.  And then on Friday and Saturday nights there is movie time here at our house with the older and younger kids and, of coarse, lots of popcorn.

Blessings to all and great appreciation for your prayers.

One thought on “Little blessings, big needs, and a new routine”

  • I am so excited to read your updates being as I can picture the house and all you are referring to. Being in the house you built is special in this new time in your life. Such blessings of all different sorts.
    I can picture Harley fixing so many things. He is so handy and knowledgeable and has an amazing servant’s heart.
    God is certainly using you both and taking you in and out of your comfort areas. Love watching this all unfold.
    Hug and love on those children. You do it so well. What a treat for them!
    Hugs to all

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