loujinaI think I sort of just adopted another little girl.  It wasn’t really on purpose and I didn’t realize exactly what I was doing until I reflected on it later.  What have I done?

I’ve known Loujina for two years.  We met one day when I was walking down the dusty country road outside of Dessalines, Haiti.  Her young papa on the side of the road called out to me to take his baby.  To humor him I went over to meet the man and his baby, and he soon passed me his child to hold.  Her head fell to the side, and I immediately saw that she had something physically wrong with her.  You see, it appears that Loujina has cerebral palsy.  She doesn’t talk. She can’t walk. In fact, she can’t control her arms or legs. She can’t sit up without being supported or strapped to her seat. However, she can laugh and cry, and she communicates through her beautiful eyes. Loujina loves ‘this little piggy’ with her toes.

Maybe it was her family’s poverty, maybe it was her big beautiful eyes, but I knew from then on that every time I came to Haiti I would walk those extra miles and visit Loujina.

loujina and dixieAnd so I have. Her parents have continued to ask me each time to take her, as they just didn’t feel they could care for her.  Thanks to some friends, I was able to give them a stroller designed for a handicapped child.  I was able to help connect them with a nearby orphanage to give them food, formula and vitamins.  I asked if there might be someone who could take Loujina and provide her with better care, but found no one.  Meanwhile, Loujina was becoming malnourished.

On my last visit to see Loujina, I became aware of not only her continued malnourishment, but some abusive treatment from her very frustrated parents.  For some reason she doesn’t sleep at night, crying continually and keeping her mama, papa, and new little sister awake, as well as the entire neighborhood of huts. What do frustrated parents do but become angry with themselves, each other and those around them?

I talked with Pastor Louinet and we agreed on a plan… this is where it gets a little interesting! We finally took up the parents’ offer and took some legal steps to take responsibility for Loujina. Beyond that, Pastor and I hired a woman from the church to care for her day and night. When I left, the woman had her hands full, but she was doing well.

So I have a child in Haiti!  And my mama’s heart wonders about her every day.  I hear she is crying less at night and eating well.  How my heart is with her!  So far away, but I know Jesus is beside her, holding her close.

Please pray for little Loujina.  She just turned three years old.  I believe life can be good for her, filled with laughter and love.  God can do mighty things in her life. Would you like to help? If you wish to donate to the Loujina fund, you can make your check out to Hope in Haiti, with Loujina in the memo line, or you can send us a note to learn more.   Thank you for your support and may you be richly blessed.


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