Full House

We now have a house full of people staying with us. Nate, his wife and three kids and another couple have come up from Port to visit EGO. Nate has been coming here since he was 14 and comes back to renew friendships. Lourdjina woke us all early 4:30 am. After she quieted down the […]

Little blessings, big needs, and a new routine

Friday night 3 year old Makendy spent the night here with us, along with Lourdjina.  He’s spends a lot of time at Marla’s house and is missing her. He told me he likes to speak English better than Creole.  He loved his french toast this morning and then was willing to go down to the […]

Day #5, part b: The team makes history in one small corner of Haiti

UPDATE 5, part B! Tony texted this afternoon to share a brief update on the day’s adventures… After a great first half of the day spent with the school kids and continuing to gather updated info, the team took a 6 mile round trip hike to visit a daughter and granddaughter church of Kawo. This […]

Day #5: A final day full of joys and challenges!

UPDATE 5 Tony sent a text early this morning before the day got hectic…. He said there was a church service last night with wonderful worship late into the evening. They got good sleep and woke to a cool morning and a Haitian friend Lukman, worshiping on his guitar with a few English songs he […]

Day #2: A proverb: “Mountains beyond mountains…”

Tony texted this afternoon to say that the team arrived in Dessalines/Nan wo safe and sound with no hassle. Unfortunately, the consul was closed today so Dixie, Asher and Louinet were unable to attempt any more progress towards getting Louinet a visa. After arriving in Nan wo, the team visited the orphanage where Dixie and […]