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Cholera bacteria
Cholera bacteria

In July and August, Hope in Haiti sent 16 team members to assist with two youth summer camps–one in Nan Wo, and one in Port au Prince. As part of the Nan Wo camp, our team taught various job and life skills. Here’s another peek at what we were teaching:

Nearly 6,000 people have died in Haiti since October of last year. At this rate, cholera could top AIDS in number of deaths caused in the past twelve months. But the sad part is that cholera is both treatable and preventable. Yet people continue to die.

So what are we going to do about it? Without the resources to set up clinics and hospitals all over the countryside, our team with Hope in Haiti decided to do prevention education.

Cholera is spread through human waste–either by direct contact or the diseased bacteria making its way into food and the water supply. We have already been taking filters and water purification tablets with us to the Nan Wo area. Now we just needed to teach the people not to spread the disease.

Kristi, a teammate from Washington took charge and decided to teach a workshop on health and disease prevention at the recent summer camp hosted by Eglise Evangelique Bethel de Haut-Marchand. The camp was attended by about 150 teens and adults from all over the Artibonite Valley of Haiti. Using donated microscopes, slides, and materials she assembled herself, Kristi opened the eyes of these young people to another world–the microscopic world all around them.

Kristi teaches about the world all around us
Kristi teaches about the world all around us

From cholera to algae to basic hand sanitation, Kristi had plenty to teach on. Pastor Louinet brought in a translator to make sure that the information carried across clearly and sank in well.

We were so thankful to have someone on our team with the loving concern, the equipment, and the ability to teach on the microscopic life these Haitians have been living around, and to guide them toward better health choices. Thanks Kristi!

This has been a contribution by Brandon and Grace Gloor. For more on the summer Hope in Haiti trip, and to learn about Brandon and Grace’s ministry, check out our blog at

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