It’s quiet in the valley… too quiet!

Every Sunday morning as dresses are laid out and shoes are shined in preparation for church, a hum echoes through the valley of Nan wo. At Eglise Evangelique Bethel de Haut Marchand (Bethel Evangelical Church – Upper Marchand), they have no electricty from the city, so they must run a generator to be able to use the microphones, keyboard, amplifiers, and fans during church. On top of that, Pastor Louinet and the church leaders often use it to have night worship services and training conferences with the benefit of amplification, lights, and fans. The old Coleman Powermate 5500 has seen a lot of use and has had to be fixed several times over the years.

Now it seems that our faithful little gasoline generator has come to the end of its life. The echoes of vibrant Haitian praise music no longer ring through the valley, and at night, meetings must be held by candle light. What’s even more discouraging for Pastor Louinet and his staff is that the new electric well pump Hope in Haiti is installing to provide running water for the church and school will now have no power source.

With public electricity still potentially years away, this church and school are now stuck without power. Will you consider being part of the solution? Hope in Haiti would love to provide a new, quiet, quality generator for this ministry, but we simply don’t have the funds at this point. In order to stick with our tight ministry budget, we will have to wait on making any donations to cover this need. But, if our Hope In Haiti family out there would like to bless the people of the Nan wo valley with an early “Christmas gift,” we would welcome it.

Click here to read about the Honda EU3000iSWe would like to purchase a Honda EU 3000iS super quiet 3000 watt generator. This machine can power our well pump, provide electricity for the sound equipment, or just run the bare basics without consuming much fuel. It will run for up to 20 hours on one 3.4 gal tank of gas. Click on the picture to see more and read about this generator.

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