It’s quiet in the valley… too quiet!

Every Sunday morning as dresses are laid out and shoes are shined in preparation for church, a hum echoes through the valley of Nan wo. At Eglise Evangelique Bethel de Haut Marchand (Bethel Evangelical Church – Upper Marchand), they have no electricty from the city, so they must run a generator to be able to […]

As the sun ruses over Haiti

By 9 AM in Haiti, the sun is already sweltering …And in the farming hamlet of Nan Wo, a mile and a half outside of Dessalines, there is a flurry of activity under the morning sun rays. Women lay out their best dresses and begin doing their daughters’ hair. Men pull out there best slacks […]

Guest blog: Aaron on the worshipful, needy Haitians

After spending two weeks serving and living in Haiti, one team member, Aaron from Wisconsin, decided to share about the worshipful yet needy people of this country:   “Haiti is an amazing place.  The people are great and the landscape is beautiful. At the school in Dessalines, I was blown away by the passion behind […]