Camp ends and a storm brews

Dixie called late this afternoon to fill us all in on the latest! The team stuck it out and saw camp through to a successful completion today! I wasn’t exact on the numbers… she said about 160 to 180 kids were showing up each day. But when you consider the language and culture barriers, the […]

A Sunday in Nan wo: Who is that behind the pulpit?

Dixie (my mom) actually CALLED me today from Pastor Louinet’s phone! It was great to hear her voice (though muffled and sounding very distant) and to hear that all is going well. It has been a pretty laid back day for the team and something of a day of rest and time to relax before […]

Your role in this week’s kids camp

Looking out the airplane window over Haiti, it’s exciting to imagine the joy that the children in the valley will be having this coming week. Our team can’t wait to get on the ground and be there with them, because we are doing a kids’ Bible camp in Nan wo! The older youth just finished […]

Airports, airplanes and finally HOME!

4 airports… 3 airplanes… 2 roadtrips… … and the team will be home!  They hit Seattle at about 9:30 tonight and I KNOW they are ready to see family and friends and sleep in their own beds tonight! I talked to Dixie during their Chicago layover and she said things had gone just fine. No […]

The journey home-sweet-home begins

Hot, sweaty, and tired the team finally made it back to Port au Prince this afternoon.  It was a long trip but uneventful with no problems or setbacks. The ride was a little different than usual as the group picked up from the orphanage in Dessalines, 2 1/2 week-old, sweet twin boys weighing no more than 5lbs. They brought […]

The final day of VBS…

The final day of VBS… … was GREAT Dixie said. There were fewer kids for various reasons but still an excellent day to finish off the week. The team completed the painting of the main room of the Upper Room. The new, light-colored paint has significantly brightened the room which becomes ‘home’ to all who travel to Haiti […]

As the sun ruses over Haiti

By 9 AM in Haiti, the sun is already sweltering …And in the farming hamlet of Nan Wo, a mile and a half outside of Dessalines, there is a flurry of activity under the morning sun rays. Women lay out their best dresses and begin doing their daughters’ hair. Men pull out there best slacks […]

Visiting friends with machetes

Saturday… a day to buy machetes With VBS having come to its end, Dixie and the team made the most of their Saturday. Having a bit more painting to do, the teammates grabbed their brushes and rollers and completed the work on “The Upper Room” of the church building, and then laced up their walking […]

A dance off?!?

The 2nd day of VBS proved to be another great day! Dixie briefly said it was another good day of VBS. Apparently VBS ended with a dance off of all things and Aaron Day pulling out all his moves! For those of you who know him, you can especially appreciate this. His legend shall continue […]

1st day = Success

Dixie texted a short, sweet message this evening saying… The 1st day of VBS was “amazing“. Praise the Lord!! She said the teachers of the school assisted A LOT. This helped things stay much more orderly and calm than in the past. She said there weren’t quite as many kids as usual either, which I’m sure, […]