As the sun ruses over Haiti

By 9 AM in Haiti, the sun is already sweltering

…And in the farming hamlet of Nan Wo, a mile and a half outside of Dessalines, there is a flurry of activity under the morning sun rays. Women lay out their best dresses and begin doing their daughters’ hair. Men pull out there best slacks and button-down shirts and polish their shoes. Musicians begin tuning up their instruments and practicing their choruses. Preparation for the whole day seems to be all happening at once while a cacophony of rooster crowing, goat bleating, and motorcycle traffic fill the air. And then out of it all, the bright shining beautiful Haitian faces all start appearing.

Not seeming to mind the heat, people gather from all over the valley, many of them hailing moto-taxis to keep their Sunday-best clothes from getting soiled on the dirt roads. They pack in close together in Eglise Evangelique Bethel de Haut Marchand and begin singing praises to God with ferver. Only after everyone has broken a sweat in enthusiastic worship does the pastor stand up and deliver the message. This morning, Aaron Day of Crosswater Community Church in Sultan, Washington was the guest speaker. Dixie didn’t share the content of today’s sermon, but she wrote that his message was good, and brief (which is a bonus for the sweating Americans sitting up front). Afterward, the congregation stuck around and enjoyed a meal together provided by the church. The team from Hope In Haiti rested all day, thankful for the Lord’s faithfulness.

Please be praying for the spiritual growth of the people of Nan Wo. The leadership of Pastor Louinet has been a great help, but the people need to take ownership of their faith and have personal understanding of God’s Word to go on to maturity. Pray for God’s work in the whole nation of Haiti–pastors, church leaders, missionaries,and heads of families especially. 
Also, pray for safe travel back to Port au Prince tomorrow. The road can be grueling, and you never know what you might run into : )

Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work in us; to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations forever and ever, amen – Eph 3:20-21

Brandon, on behalf of the Hope in Haiti Board

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