Heads up, the Fantastic Four are departing!

We have a team of four leaving Monday that will be hiking into the the desolate mountains of the Kawo region. We will be taking pictures and updating information for about 300 kids.  Also, we are bringing up–can you believe it–a sewing machine that can be operated by a crank lever on the right side […]

Coming Home

I didn’t realize how involved we were with the working mechanisms of the orphanage until we got to the PAP airport. It feels like it’s the first chance Dixie and I have truly talked….. I mean really talk to each other about more than just the situation in front of our face… Long and short….. […]


We have been on the ground at EGO for 14 days, 10 hours, 43 minutes, and 30 seconds. It has taken me 11 days of this time to figure out that the kids are beyond me. Just when I think all systems are running smooth, I’ve come to the realization that I don’t get it. […]

EGO Five

Dixie and I should have watched some classic orphanage movies to prep us for this trip… Little Orphan Annie, Newsies, or Oliver Twist. The day Marla and Ken left for the United States one of the boys got ‘deathly sick’ with a scraped knee, or was it a sore throat. At any rate, 2 days […]

Quiet again

Our house guests have now left and once more we are in our routine of things. Isn’t there a story about a man who thought his house was small and many came to stay with him and when they all left he realized how big his house really was? That’s a little the way we […]

EGO Four

A BIG thank you to all of you who are praying for our time here at Ebenezer Glenn Orphanage. We have had our challenges, much like a substitute teacher would expect…. little do the kids and staff know Dixie & I have done it all. In Creole they call guys like me a ‘dezod’, meaning bad […]

EGO Three

EGO Three 05-16-2016 Soccer is the sport of choice in Haiti. This is clear to see throughout the country. Here at Ebenezer Glenn Orphanage (EGO) the sport can be seen from the baby yard to the large soccer field on the Orphanage grounds. One of the older boys Pudens loves to invite his neighborhood friends […]