Generator update: God’s provision

Thanks to the amazing generosity of some friends of Hope in Haiti, we are now able to purchase a generator to provide the electricity needed for our new well pump and the day-to-day needs of the church and school in Nan wo. Praise God for His provision!

I talked with Dixie this morning and she is floored with the way God provided so quickly and with such generosity. She would love to get a generator now while she is in-country, but there may be an option to find a long-lasting generator here in the States that we can bring with us in January. Please pray for wisdom in this decision, as it is quite important for us, for Louinet, and all the people in his flock. In the mean time, a handyman in Dessalines was able to come and patch up the aging Coleman generator once more on Friday, but this fix is very temporary. We don’t know how many more days it will run.

We will keep you updated on this project.

Yours in Christ,

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