Laying a good foundation: the Nan wo school

A photo of the progress in JulyOver the summer, local contractor “Boss” Francine and his men have been sweating out long days and laboring hard beside the empty lot where the old ecole mixte school of Nan wo used to stand. They have moved large amounts of dirt by hand to level the ground, poured footers and erected rebar supports for future pillars. They have brought in gravel from far off gravel pits and spread it evenly to provide a bed for the cement. They brought in lumber and built forms to hold up the many yards of concrete that would become the foundation. And finally, they mixed and poured the cement pad. Almost all of this work has been done by hand without the aid of many tools we enjoy in the US.

And now, praise God, we have solid foundation built for the new school building that will rest beside Eglise Evangelique Bethel de Haute Marchand, thanks to Boss Francine and his workers, and thanks to people like you who support Hope in Haiti. In the coming weeks, literally hundreds of young brown and gold-clad Haitian students will be flocking to the grounds and beginning classes.

Although we were hopeful that we could get the walls and roof up before the start of the school year,  our ability to financially accommodate them in the construction has been limited. However, Pastor Louinet is confident that the Lord will provide in His timing and in His way. And He will!. For now, the plans for the school year are going forward with some makeshift shelter from the sun and the use of the church building. We are very excited that the school building has been started and that it has such a solid foundation to build onto. In addition, there are now new sanitary restrooms for the students, which is a very big praise!

The foundation is completed and ready for the next phase of building. Are you?

If you would like to get involved with the legacy of this exciting project, you can make a tax-deductible donation online via Paypal by clicking on the icon on our homepage and adding “Nan wo School Building” as special instructions in the confirmation page.  Or, you can send you gift to:
PO Box 1346 PO Box 26
Duvall, WA 98019 Monroe WA 98272
and designate the gift as “Nan wo School Building”

Thanks for joining us in supporting the work of educating kids in Haiti and pointing them to Christ.

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