Answer to prayer: Generator

Thanks to the Lord providing through the generosity of a handful of you who read this blog, the church and school Hope in Haiti sponsors in Nan wo, Haiti now has a quality, diesel-powered  working generator!

On our recent January trip to Haiti, we were able to pick one up in country and surprise some of the church leaders with this blessing. Without a generator, they have been unable to use some of their instruments for praise and worship, and the hard of hearing have had to lean in close to hear anything on Sunday mornings. Additionally, the lights around the church and school campus have been dark in the four months they have gone without a generator.

In their joy, the church leaders fired up the Honda unit at 4:30 in the morning so that they could hold a prayer and praise time with the aid of lights… and amplification, to our team’s slight annoyance. But the fact that they now have the generator they have been praying for made the extra noise an opportunity to praise God.

Thank you Jesus  or providing!


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