A Sunday in Nan wo: Who is that behind the pulpit?

Dixie (my mom) actually CALLED me today from Pastor Louinet’s phone!
It was great to hear her voice (though muffled and sounding very distant) and to hear that all is going well. It has been a pretty laid back day for the team and something of a day of rest and time to relax before the craziness of camp starts up again tomorrow. Pastor Mike from Everett, WA was given the opportunity to preach and the team also sang a few songs to the delight of the congregation. This afternoon, the team will take it easy, maybe visiting the orphanage again or doing a little sight-seeing. Dixie says it is extremely hot and with lots of young kids on the team, they are taking things just a bit slower. But everyone is doing great and things are very going well. Thanks so much for continuing to uphold our team in prayer this week! It is essential!!

Pray for endurance for each one on the team as they deal with the heat, bugs, and culture so different from what they are used to!
Praise the Lord for a day of refreshment and relaxation.

Pray for all the beautiful people we work with, that in all things, we would point them to Jesus as our true Hope in Haiti.

For the whole team,
-Grace, on behalf of the Hope in Haiti board

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