Visiting friends with machetes

Saturday… a day to buy machetes

With VBS having come to its end, Dixie and the team made the most of their Saturday. Having a bit more painting to do, the teammates grabbed their brushes and rollers and completed the work on “The Upper Room” of the church building, and then laced up their walking shoes for a trip into town for the traditional Saturday activities: going to the market, and visiting Haitian friends.

Dixie wrote that the team went into the Dessalines market in search of shoes and machetes. Shoes and sandals are frequently needed in the middle of team trips, because inevitably, someone neglects to pack comfortable footwear or shoes appropriate for church. Why machetes? In Haiti, a machete is an all-purpose tool that is good for gardening, home repairs, and even protecting the family. Thus, they are sold everywhere and sometimes at good prices. In recent trips, teammates have sought out these machetes as gifts and souvenirs that double as useful tools.

The other part of the day’s activities has been visiting with long-time friends of Dixie’s and Pastor Louinet’s. The team went to various homes and met with some folks to check on them and encourage them. This is part of the continual blessing we try to be as an organization working in this community.

Finally, the team returned to a dinner of rice and beans. This Haitian staple is a welcome sight after a long day in the tropics, let me tell you!

Please keep praying for the high spirits and bond of unity in the team. Pray that they will rely on the Lord for their strength. Tomorrow is Sunday and taking a day to worship the Lord is always a great change of pace, but sometimes the cultural differences can still leave new team members feeling overwhelmed. Pray that their hearts would stay focused on the Lord and the He would be greatly glorified on this Lord’s Day.

Your response to these daily updates has been so encouraging to us! We cannot afford to be without prayer support… thank you for stepping up!

Brandon,  on behalf of the Hope in Haiti Board

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