Safe arrival home while storms pound Haiti

Our Hope in Haiti team arrived home late Friday night, weary travelers but thankful to have made it home and to see loved ones.
Pastor Mike wrote up an excellent quick recap of the trip that I definitely encourage you to read. There is also a link to a bunch of great photos. Check out his blog here. Thank you, team, for all your service, sacrifice, and hard work these past several days. We were blessed to follow you and privileged to pray for you on a daily basis. You are amazing!!

As for Isaac, it remained a tropical storm as it passed to the south of Haiti Friday night and Saturday morning. For that we are thankful. However, though Isaac didn’t reach hurricane level, damage was still extensive. At least 7 deaths have been reported, flooding has been a huge issue, and hundreds of homes have been damaged. Read more. The rains may continue awhile yet, making the flooding an even greater problem. Pastor Louinet called Dixie to say that even up north there in Dessalines and Nan wo, the winds and rains were bad. Many homes were damaged and the people are pretty shaken up. He really asked for our prayers. Let us remember them as we continue to track Isaac’s path towards Florida and the Gulf Coast.

For the whole team and Hope in Haiti,
Until next time!
-Grace, on behalf of the Hope in Haiti board

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