the rich and surprising Tastes of Haiti

Travel, cultural exchange, and experiences of the world often come back to me in memories of food Sitting around a table or fire or under a mango tree in any sort of group setting enjoying, or experiencing “the new”, foods and flavors provides for a unique type of intimate human interaction. We find ourselves connected by […]

Education matters – But this isn’t easy

Dear Friends, The value of literacy and education can sometimes be lost on us, being raised in the developed world of the US and Canada. We don’t understand what a difference it makes to break free from a family pattern of illiteracy and a life of nothing but manual labor and subsistence living. It is MASSIVELY […]

Someone should tell them the rest of the story

Dear Friends, Just over a month ago, we celebrated Easter. What do you “normally” do to celebrate Easter? Go to church, celebrate the Resurrection of JESUS in prayer, singing and fellowship? Gather with family and friends to eat good food? Find hidden candied treasures in eggs? Go to Haiti? Wait, what? Go to Haiti?? I was […]

How you’ve helped Change Lives in 2020 – Louinet 

Dear Friends, Christmas is here and we are celebrating Christ’s birth and how God gave the gift of His Son, changing the world.  Please read about this man with a huge heart and how he’s helping change lives too. The Year was 1989, and our family was moving from the Pacific Northwest to a mission […]

How you’ve helped Change Lives in 2020 – Celiana

Dear Friends, As you are celebrating Christmas with your families, we want to let you know how you have helped change lives in rural Haiti. You are making such a difference! When we take teams into Haiti we often visit homes within walking distance of our school. This is when we first met Celiana (pronounced Say-lee-anna). She was […]

How you’ve helped Change Lives in 2020 – WIlliame

Dear Friends, Christmas is coming soon, and we want to share with you how your support and prayers continue to change lives in Haiti. It’s been a difficult year for our friends, but you make such a difference! WIlliame was 9 years old when I first met him. His father had died and his mother asked if I […]

Thankful and Hopeful

Dear Friends, We are so incredibly thankful for you during this Thanksgiving season. Your prayers and faithful support have meant so much. We are missing our friends in Haiti, but our work continues.  Our schools are filled with children and lives are being changed thanks to you. Many blessings to you and your families. Dixie Montgomery

Remember, and hope

Dear Friends, We want to thank you for your continued support of our children in Haiti. This past year has been difficult. With much unrest within the country there have been demonstrations, road blocks, tear gas, the Haitian dollar falling and prices rising wildly due to economic and political turmoil. Sadly the people of Haiti have been […]