Steep Hills, Strong Coffee, and Resiliant Hope

To start off your new year, here are a message from Pastor Louinet Gilles and an update from Hope on Haiti’s latest training conference for adult leaders:

“Bon Âne! Happy New Year! I ask God to continue to protect you and your spouse, your children, your parents, and your friends.  I greet all friends who continue to support Hope in Haiti. I ask God’s blessing on your lives and on their families. I thank you for your support for me, the parents, and the children in the schools in Nan wo, Kawo, and Savanne Brüle.”

-Pastor Louinet

Dear Friends

This is the beginning of a new year and a new hope for all of us. This week a conference began for several hundred people in Nan wo. Men and women attending the conference make their way by foot along the steep mountain trails. When they reach the valley they climb into open trucks with standing room only and continue on until they reach our church/school in Nan wo outside of Dessalines, Haiti.

Bringing community together is so important for these people who have little to offer other than their love for each other and their Lord. They come to fellowship, eat, sleep and worship together. Rising early before the sun comes up to sing and pray and then being offered strong, sweet coffee and locally baked bread called tètchat. Listening to special speakers throughout the days, only to end with another meal and singing late into the night. God’s presence is strong in the midst of His people in a troubled land. For one week all will gather together and gain strength and understanding.

Thank you for making all this possible!
-Dixie, for the whole team at Home in Haiti

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