Another shockwave

Dear friends,
As the country and people of Haiti recoil from yet another blow, the assassination of their president Jovenel Moïse and wounding of his wife Martine, we take comfort and rest in the knowledge that God is still in control. He has been and will always be in control.

President Moïse was not a just a faceless name to Hope in Haiti. During his campaign for president, Moïse made a stop in Dessalines and our Kwazad revival meeting. His personal connection to our community makes his unexpected death seem to hit even closer to home for our Board members and regular volunteers. The country remains in a state of unrest–a state that sadly seems to be a regular cycle for them. In addition, COVID has been hard on the people compounding an already complicated political, social and cultural environment.

God has not forgotten His children there, and neither have we. As you may know Hope In Haiti has not been able to safely send a team in many months, but we remain in contact with our friends “on the ground” to keep us well connected. And through your generous donations, we’ve been able to continue financially supporting the schools and feeding program in Kawo, Savanne Brüle, and NanWo. COVID has slowed education efforts and many staff and students have been sick, but our team of leaders there continue to do their best to maintain some sort of normalcy.

Please pray for the people of Haiti. Pray with us for an honorable leader to rise and lead the country in a healthy and restorative direction. Things in Haiti are incredibly complicated and will not change overnight, yet we still hope and pray for a miracle there.

In Him.
–Tony Robinson      VP Hope in Haiti

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