Camp ends and a storm brews

Camp kids
The kids had a blast in Bible camp!

Dixie called late this afternoon to fill us all in on the latest!
The team stuck it out and saw camp through to a successful completion today! I wasn’t exact on the numbers… she said about 160 to 180 kids were showing up each day. But when you consider the language and culture barriers, the fact that the kids were 12 years and under, and the overwhelming heat and humidity, it’s understandable that each day held it’s own number of challenges! The team has done wonderful and the kids will cherish this last week for years to come.

Tonight the team packs up most of their stuff in preparation for their drive back to Port au Prince tomorrow. However, they are in for a big treat! Their Port au Prince hosts, Byron and Shelley, will be coming to pick them up, but instead of heading straight back to Port as usual, they are taking the team to the beach!! A nice beach at that. 🙂 Talk about a fun day ahead, especially for the kids!! Hope in Haiti’s teams never get to do this, so this really is pretty special!

Hurricane Isaac (AP Photo)They will spend the night then in Port and have a flight to catch on Friday. There is one potential ‘small’ glitch with Friday. There is currently a tropical storm (Hurricane Isaac) brewing southeast of Puerto Rico that could possibly hit Haiti on Friday or Saturday. It may be a category 1 hurricane by the time it passed through, meaning it would bring lots and lots of rain and pretty heavy winds. It’s nothing to be overly concerned about, but obviously, should it reach Haiti on Friday, it could affect the team’s flight out that day. So let’s be in prayer, should it be God’s will, not only that the team will get out without any trouble, but that Hurricane Isaac might even bypass Haiti all together and not inflict damage on this beautiful country that already knows so much of what it means to face tragedy and intense challenges by way of natural disasters. May we remember always, GOD is in control!

Praise the Lord for a great week of camp and the work He did in the lives of our team and the kids that attended!
Pray for a final night of good, refreshing sleep.
Pray for a wonderful day of refreshment and encouragement tomorrow as the group heads to the beach!
Pray that the team will be able to get out without any trouble on Friday.

As always, thank you for loving our team through your support and prayers. It is an incredibly encouragement to them knowing that so many are back home holding them up in prayer.
For the whole team,
-Grace, on behalf of the Hope in Haiti board

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