1st day = Success

Dixie texted a short, sweet message this evening saying…

The 1st day of VBS was “amazing“. Praise the Lord!!

She said the teachers of the school assisted A LOT. This helped things stay much more orderly and calm than in the past.
She said there weren’t quite as many kids as usual either, which I’m sure, removed some of the stress for the team.

After VBS finished for the day, kids hung around with the team and played “Poul, Poul, Cock” (duck, duck, goose – but actually “chicken, chicken, rooster” in Creole 🙂 ).
The orphanage sent over some fresh baked bread which was VERY welcomed by the team. 🙂

Dixie asked for continued prayers for health and energy. 

Remember that our role as prayer warriors on behalf the team is a privilege we hold! Let us embrace it and stand back in wonder as God responds…

Grace, on behalf of the Hope in Haiti Board

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