Resting before the storm

a day at the beach
The team got to spend part of the day at the beach to unwind after a stressful week

I got one final phone call from Haiti this evening. Dixie called from Port au Prince where they had just arrived after a wonderful, relaxing, beautiful day on the beach.
Tonight the group will rest up in the comfort of Byron and Shelley’s home. They are excited to head home tomorrow!

Continue to pray for them and for the country of Haiti as Tropical Storm Isaac looms closer. It is on schedule to hit Haiti possibly late Friday or early Saturday and may have strengthened by then to a category 1 hurricane. The team catches their flight out at about 1:30pm tomorrow so Lord-willing, they shouldn’t run into trouble. However, obviously nothing is guaranteed. Let’s continue to keep them in our prayers! Dixie will call when they land in Miami and I will pass on the news as soon as I am able!

clouds building over Haiti
The clouds building to the east warn of a coming tropical storm, or worse

As always, thank you for loving our team through your support and prayers. It is an incredibly encouragement to them knowing that so many are back home holding them up in prayer.
For the whole team,
-Grace, on behalf of the Hope in Haiti board

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