Lace up your boots… we’re going for a hike!

Being so soon on the heals of the January trip, you may or may not be aware that another team has already left for (and arrived!) in Haiti!

That’s right! Dixie has taken another team down to Haiti with the purpose of making the long, grueling, breathtaking hike up the mountains to Hope in Haiti’s school in Kawo.

Projects to be accomplished:

  • Updating pictures and information for approximately 400 school children
  • Giving fluoride treatments to hundreds of men, women and children
  • Giving out birth kits to pregnant women and teaching these ladies how to use them
  • Possibly helping with new construction of classrooms
  • Visiting neighboring families

Hope in Haiti Vice-President, Tony Robinson is traveling with the team and texted this afternoon to say that they arrived this morning without issue after long flights from Seattle and an overnight stay in the Miami airport. He says it’s warm… high 80’s to low 90’s, but not terribly hot. They were picked up by our good friend Byron Tlucek and will spend the night with him and his family. Pastor Louinet traveled from Dessalines to meet them and will stay with them tonight as well. Dixie, her son Asher, and Louinet will be going to the U.S. Consul in the morning to continue efforts to get Louinet a visa that he might be able to travel to the States some day in the future. These efforts have been going on for a few years now with little to no progress. Pray that things would begin to come through for Louinet, that a visa might be granted him, and that God would work in this situation! After the visit to the Consul, the team will be heading up to Dessalines where they will spend one night. Bright and early Thursday morning, they will begin the hike up to Kawo.

Specific prayer requests from the team are:

– That team members would rest well tonight after very little sleep on the floors of the Miami airport
– For Byron, as his wife Shelley  is in the States for a short period
– For God’s favor as Dixie, Asher and Louinet head to the U.S. Consul
– For safety as Byron drives the team the 4 hours north to Dessalines tomorrow afternoon
– For a deeper connection as a team

The team has already spent time together tonight to share and pray and are now probably heading to bed with the hopes of getting a good night’s rest. Stay tuned! 

In Christ,
Grace, on behalf of the Hope in Haiti team

May we pray boldly, with expectation and firm hope in what God shall do in and through this team as they invest in the precious people of Haiti. May we look back at the fruits of this trip and be able to say,“This was the Lord’s doing;
It is marvelous in our eyes!”
-Ps. 118:23

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