Thank you… Last night’s auction a success

A huge thank to all who attended, volunteered, donated items and purchased items at our live auction and fundraiser last night!  We had so much fun. George our auctioneer was awesome! George we want you back next year! He wore bedazzled overalls and his nicest John Deere hat.  Hosts, Pastor Aaron Day and Gabe Morelli where hilarious and organizer Cheryl Robinson amazing.

Most popular items of the night where the Rat Shoots (shooting rats at night in auctioneer George’s dairy barn courtesy of Doug Smith – don’t ask), homemade desserts, Cheryl Robinson’s personal photo shoots, wine tours,  date nights, guided fishing trips and vacations to beautiful cabins in Index and Sequim.  I went home with Microsoft Office 2010, two Haitian made coconut nativity sets – so cute – and a live turkey!!!  I’ll be bringing my new feathered friend to Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Over $7,200 was raised for Hope in Haiti! Wow! Praise God! As we mentioned last night, all of those funds will be used to fund our two schools this year.  Due to earthquake refugees, our school populations have almost doubled and not all of those kids are sponsored. Our policy is never to turn a child away so funds raised last night will help provide books, lunches, school supplies and of course hope to children attending HIH’s schools and awaiting sponsorship. Like Dixie said last night, we wish it didn’t take money to make a difference in these beautiful children’s lives but it does. We are committed to reaching as many of these poor children in our Haitian communities as we possibly can with each dollar raised tonight.

Click here to Sponsor a Child.

Thank you again! Everyone that was involved  – your time, your energy, your donations and your purchases made a difference for a child in Haiti.


Lunch time at a HIH school

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