Updated Kawo Sponsor Cards in the mail!

Hope in Haiti Kawo Sponsors, It is beautiful and sunny in Seattle! I am also looking at the beautiful and sunny faces of your Hope in Haiti sponsor children in Kawo, Haiti. In a few minutes, I’ll drop them in the mail and you will receive your updated sponsor card for 2012. Hopefully you will […]

Birth Kits for pregnant woman in Haiti!

Birth Kits for pregnant woman in Haiti! – 60% of people living in Haiti don’t have access to basic healthcare services – 80% of births happen at home and 1/2 of these are without assistance – 54 of every 1000 babies will die at birth – 300 of every 100,000 mothers will die in childbirth HOW CAN YOU HELP? Buy a birth kit for just […]

Cool breezes refresh team in Haiti – 6th update…

Board, A heaven sent breeze cools the valley of Artibonite this evening, and for those who have been there you know how to express true appreciation to your creator for providing such a luxurious blessing when it arrives. Today the team nearly completed updating photos and information for the hundreds of children attending the school in Nan Wo. Dixie also announced the completion […]

Sunday in Haiti…

Robert preached today about “Who we are in Christ”, it went well. In the congregation was the Mayor of Dessaines who stayed and met with Robert afterward. Later Robert was presented with an opportunity to display his dancing skills as he avoided a cockroach and a couple rats, much to the amusement of those around him. […]