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At $35 per month, your sponsorship provides 1 child with classroom teaching 5 days a week, books, school supplies, hot lunch meals during the school week, and a new school uniform. And most importantly, your sponsorship provides children with tangible evidence that they are cared for, loved and the hope for a better life with their education.

Hope in Haiti is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, EIN 27-4008565. All donations are tax deductible and statements are mailed annually in January.

Thank you for partnering with Hope in Haiti. You will probably never fully realize the impact you are making in a child’s life. Investments are $35 per child monthly, $105 quarterly per child or annually at $420 per child.


By popular demand, we now accept child sponsorships and donations online through PayPal as well as by check.

On every page you will find a Donate button that allows you to make an immediate donation or sponsorship payment of any amount through PayPal right now!


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