Trip Log: Eyes on the Finish Line

Saturday Noon:

Joel finished his teaching today with the men and women. There were over 100 people and he said that the teaching was well received.

He taught on spiritual growth and was greatly encouraged. These pastors and leaders in Haiti will forever be grateful for Joel Madson and his years of teaching here in Nan wo. He will not be forgotten.

Saturday Night:

Dr. Tim and a little buddy

We worked at the orphanage clinic all day seeing about 160 patients. Again, each patient was prayed for before seeing the doctor. We are all very tired tonight, but glad that so many people could be seen by the doctor. My head is ‘fatige’ (Creole for “tired”) after translating all day.
Tomorrow after church we will be doing a clinic here in Nan wo rather than at the Dessalines orphanage.

Waiting to be seen.
The view from the line

We are running out of medications and considered not continuing, but decided we can make it work. We continue to see many fungal problems as the most predominant issue, but there are also some very strange things.

It is amazing to see this team of people working tirelessly to serve these people. We go to bed early and rise the early morning sounds of Haiti.

Getting baptized is one of the biggest events of ones life in Haiti… you don’t fail to dress accordingly!

Sunday Morning
Our day began with 4 baptisms. We walked down the dusty road a short distance and then down to the small river. Four women had chosen to be baptized near a tree designated for Voodoo. The power of light is so much stronger than the power of darkness.

A tree decorated with voodoo spirit signs
The whole neighborhood came to watch these women profess their faith through water baptism.

Sunday Noon

This morning, Joel got to speak at church in Haiti, and it was so good, I had to take notes… Enjoy
This was Joel’s tenth time here. He is such an encourager. He spoke this morning on Hebrews 11 and 12. Chapter 11 – it is impossible to please God without faith. Chapter 12 – Therefore since se are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses – saints that have lived before us. They are cheering us on in our faith. We are in a race called ‘Life’. We need to finish strong in the race. Joel had Mike and Harley race in the church and had people cheer them on. Mike won! Then he gave Mike a large, heavy rock and had them race again. Harley won! The people loved it!
Three points:
1. Let us throw off everything that hinders and entagles us…… The rock represented sin entagling him.
2. Let us run with endurance…. It’s your race and no one else’s. Run your best.
3. Fix your eyes on Jesus….eyes on the finish line. Read His word every morning, pray. Jesus is waiting for you at the finish line.
Joel then shared about his dying father and how he thanked him for fighting the good fight and finishing the race well. He was holding his father’s hand and he quietly died.
Such an encouraging word!

Laurel and a little beauty dance at church

As always, we got to be part of the amazing Haitian worship and singing too, followed by a terrific meal.

Karen and a new friend

Monday morning:

Today is a travel day!
After cleanup and repacking this morning, we headed to the beach. It’s a first for us, but we are actually going to spend the night here at the beach and then head to the airport in the morning. We are one tired group and this is a well deserved Haitian vacation for the team. What a great team this has been!

Tuesday Morning:

Back in Miami safe and sound. All good things must come to an end. The team has split up and everyone heading our separate ways home. Such a fantastic team to work with.
Thank you for holding us up in prayer. Please continue to hold Pastor Louinet up. He has huge responsibilities.

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