The good word

The team is assembling, and the time has come.

Tuesday morning, teachers and leaders from across the United States are joining Hope in Haiti for a week of training, encouragement, and outreach in Dessalines, Haiti.

This team from California, Washington, and Pennsylvania will meet up in Miami on January 8th and fly together into Haiti on the 9th.  Joel Madson, Isaac and Karen Howard will be holding a conference for men and women, many who walk hours down the steep trails from the mountains where they live hard lives amidst spiritual darkness.  An evangelical outreach to the area of Dessalines has already begun on the 6th and will continue for 8 days.  Joel will be speaking two nights to large crowds, sharing the good news to hurting people. Please be in much prayer for this gathering, that the good word would plant seeds that sprout to firmly grounded hope in Christ.

Dr. Tim is joining us once again and will be holding a medical clinic for all those willing to wait in long lines to be seen.  Laurel, Harry and Mike will be assisting him.  I, Dixie, will help where ever I can and Harley will be fixing everything. 

We need your prayers.  Haiti continues to be a place of unrest.  Travel can be difficult, food is different, hours long.  Thank you for remembering those who go to serve.

Dixie and Team

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