Trip Log: Sleepless travel and an empty school

Wednesday 10/31
6:45 AM

The team arrived safely in Miami. We had a long painful night trying to catch some sleep while flying economy on the red-eye and then briefly camping in a cold, hard airport terminal. But, after a much-needed Starbucks, we’re ready to board our plane to Port au Prince. Please be in prayer for the team. Thanks

4:24 PM

We are in Nan wo after almost 24 hours of travel. We quicklu unloaded all our luggage from the van and literally only a few minutes later there was a bright crack of lightning, a loud boom and the heavens opened up, even getting water inside our place. Then a bright rainbow appeared, although it kept raining for a bit. We have set up our rooms with mosquito nets, eaten a small dinner prepared by Madam Pastor and are pooped. To bed early tonight, I’m sure. Thank you for prayers for safe travels. It’s good to be back.

Thursday 11/01
1:10 PM

Things have been a bit frustrating and slow today. Its vacation time for the kids, so only a handful came for pictures today. More, we are told, will come tomorrow. The team is being wonderfully patient. We’ve visited some sponsored kids and their families, and are playing with kids. A treat for me is that my Haitian pregnant daughter Micha is also here from the states with her husband and three girls visiting family in Haiti. How fun to see them!

Hope in Haiti is all about relationships!

This is Edna and her mama. Edna is 21 years old and left school for a bit, but now is back and wants to continue her education!

Myrriah with her sponsored child.

This beautiful woman spends her day smashing rice with her feet to get hulls off to prepare to sell at the market.

Susie having fun with some of the local boys.

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