Trip log: A splash of color, a splash of mud

Thursday 11/01
3:05 PM
Cj and Aaron did a little painting, put on a door that had fallen off, and fixed a toilet. Things continually break here in Haiti, and with few resources of their own, the people are often forced to “live with it” until someone comes along able to fix it.
It rained again late this afternoon with another brilliant rainbow. Such a reminder of God’s promises!

3:45 PM
Myrriah got to meet with her sponsored kids’ family. She says her heart is full 🙂

Friday 11/02
8:10 AM

The team is preparing to put on a day camp for the rural school kids of Savan Brule. With all the supplies to go through, it’s a crazy organized mess!


Back on the job, taking school pictures and doing interviews. The kids are so precious!


The team has also been painting to splash some colors on the walls of the stairwell and other places that need it.


Looking back…Today was a good day. Aaron and Cj did some painting and fixed a leaky shower. We took pictures of about 50-75 kids. Myrriah, Kasey, Susie and I went through boxes of things we have used with other teams and cleaned house. No rain tonight…hot and muggy.


Saturday 11/03
8:30 AM

We’re loading up horses with supplies for the muddy ride to Savan Brule school.


We got to the Savan Brule school at long last, muddy and sore from our travels. Time to put on a camp for these kids!

5:00 PM

We took a truck out to Post Piwo this morning and from there walked two hours to Savanne Brule where there is a small school that we are helping. The rocky road was very muddy and at times there was no choice except to walk right through the mud, filling our shoes. We walked through 3 or 4 streams with the help of our Haitian friends. When we arrived at the school there was a church full of kids waiting for us. We gave each child a Hope in Haiti T-shirt and a bag full of goodies. We talked with the pastor, director, and teachers, trying to encourage them and thanking them for their hard work. The children thanked us, bringing many emotions to the surface for us. We were served bottled water, bread and coffee. They were wonderfully gracious. One woman washed Kasey’s shoes and her feet. She then got clean water for us to wash off our sweaty faces. We were humbled. Tonight our feet are tired but our hearts are full.

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