Full, thankful hearts, because of you.

It must seem like a silly holiday to people outside the United States… people rushing to stores and buying, preparing, and serving huge amounts of food, then going out early the next morning to eagerly buy more and more things. And we call it Thanksgiving. Perhaps from an outsider’s perspective, we don’t properly know the meaning of counting our blessings and thanking God for them.

Today Hope in Haiti is counting our blessings as we once again look over the hundreds of smiles in photos from our most trip. We are thanking God as we receive gift after gift from you to pass on to the schools and their teachers. We are encouraged as we look back and see how the many children we’ve come to know have applied themselves, taken their opportunity for education, and begun to dream big. After visiting Nan wo and Savan Brule a few weeks ago, our hearts are full as we see what God has done and begin to envision what more He may yet do!

Thank you, kind friends, for being part of this ministry, sharing your time, your ideas, and your gifts. You mean the world to us. We count you as a blessing we could never do without.

Happy Thanksgiving, from all of us at Hope in Haiti.


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