100 to 1: The next chapter begins

At long last it’s time to rejoin our precious Haitian family in Nan wo in person again! After being away for too long, I and five others are packing our bags tonight for an “updating adventure!”

On Tuesday, Oct. 30th this veteran group of volunteers will be taking flight to Haiti on a mission: to take pictures and update information for about 600 students in Nan wo.  This is a big task for six people, outnumbered 100-to-1.  In addition to capturing smiles and learning what’s important to our students, we will be bringing small gifts for each child.  Plus, 300 calculators have been donated for the older kids – something that is required now in the upper grades in school.  We are so grateful for that donation from Orion Equipment!

We ask that you remember us and cover us in prayer for this coming week.  Life continues to be difficult in Haiti with the value of the Gourde (Haitian currency) falling once again.  Many young people have left the country in hopes of finding jobs in the Dominican Republic, Brazil, and Chili.  I’ve heard stories about those who have left Haiti and things don’t turn out as well as they expected. Jobs are difficult to find, especially for girls, and things are expensive. Then their money is gone and they can’t find a way back to family in Haiti. 

We go to share Christ’s love.  Sometimes I think we benefit more than our friends who we have come to help.  Pray that God will work in all our hearts and that He might be glorified through all of us on the team:






and me too!

Thank you


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