A reunion and a morning on the mountainside

A typical market stall
A typical market stall

Early this morning most of our team hiked to the first fort.  The views from there are of the Artribonite Valley and the town of Dessalines.  Gorgeous!  When we arrived there were quite a few people there praying and later singing.  It was a beautiful time listening to their prayers, praise and worship. The pastor came over and recognized me and introduced himself. 

Yesterday we walked into the town of Dessalines and saw the Wednesday market.  It’s filled with food, wares, clothing, and so much more.  Some of our team got something to drink at the corner store and some bought ice cream.  We were great tourists and bought some souvenirs too.  It was a great tour of the town.

This morning Noah’s biological family is coming to see him!  He’s pretty excited.  Although he’s only been to Haiti three times, he says he feels as if he were home.  It should be an interesting reunion, and another chapter of God’s beautiful story in his life.

We hope to do some painting with what’s left of today. The ever-expanding school campus always has more concrete walls to liven up with some bright colors, and it’s a fun exercise of service for us to take part in. This will be our last day here. Tomorrow we head down the island into Port to transition to our travel home. 

Thank you so much for all your prayers.  It’s been a sweet time with the people, Pastor, and the team.  The families who have come along have had so many moments for bonding–I love it! We always come back changed.


Dixie & Team
Karena and Alexi
Gabby, Cole, Kasey Ann, and Susie


Dulin, Issabelle,Terry, Tate, and Myrriah



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