Happening now: Crossing the culture gap

Tonight, a team of 14 students and adults boarded a plane to fly 2000 miles away to the desolate nation of Haiti, on a mission to bring God’s love to the children of Nan wo. 

Nan wo is an agrarian area in central Haiti where thousands of people scratch out a living from the little they can grow and sell with hand tools and ingenuity. Most people don’t know if they will have enough to live the following week, but they press on and look for ways to hope for their future. Now 300 of the children coming from these homes will be flooding in to meet our team and hear about the hope they can have in Christ! What an amazing thing to see two cultures collide for the good!

Our team is a mix of veterans and some first-timers gathered from around the North West. They are going to be facing heat, dehydration, volatile weather, culture shock, loss of sleep, and a significant language barrier before they even begin. They have the worthy goal before them to touch a young generation with the love of Jesus. Please join in praying for each of these amazing volunteers as they head out tonight!





Kasey Ann



and Dixie. 

We look forward to seeing what God will do!
Brandon, for the team.

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