February Trip Log: Traffic, onions, and delighted smiles

We made it to Miami and are now boarding plane for Port. Great team with a mighty God going before us! Gotta go!


Well, I guess you would call this day 2, as we left late last night.  We have been resting some this afternoon in the kitchen area of Byron and Shelley’s house.  It’s quite hot (can you imagine?)  and we are all very tired after flying through the night!  We will get up early tomorrow morning and head up the island to Nan wo, just outside of Dessalines, Haiti.  We arrived safely and a good night’s sleep we should be good as new tomorrow
Thank you for your prayers. 
We slept well in Port last night.  After a flat tire and one car broken down, Byron Tlucek took us first to the metal market to buy a few goodies and then on up to Dessalines and out to Nan wo.  Such is a normal day in Haiti.  It was a typical stop and go drive up the island but is always interesting.  We arrived and went to work organizing the things we are taking up the mountains on little mules, small donkeys or the strong backs of those who are young.  I think the sewing machine is our biggest challange, but we’ll find a way to secure it to the back of a four legged beast.  It is always wonderful to arrive and know that we are so warmly welcomed. 

Harley immediately went into action fixing leaks in two bathrooms.  He loves it here!

We walked to Ebeneezer Glenn Orphanage to secure a ride back to the beach next Tuesday.  The valley is filled with the smell of onions being harvested.  Lourdjina, the little girl with cerebra palsey, was delighted to see us, as were several of the other children.  We saw the progress the orphanage is making in building family homes for the children.

We finished packing tonight and will get up early to be driven out the 5 miles to Post Piwo where we begin our long walk.  We will be walking around this time through Gran Fon which is not quite as steep but a total of over 9 miles and beautiful views of the interior of Haiti.  Please, please pray us up that mountain!  We know the Lord goes before us….

Tonight it is windy and cool…no bugs!  Madam Esteve dropped by to give us a gift of grilled peanuts that she grew and grilled, wanting us to take with us up the mountains.  This act of kindness touches my heart. 

Thank you for your prayers.

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